There are numerous products that you may classify as being special items. Regardless of the number of special items in your closet, or even a few skeletons for that matter, we will endeavor to get them transported to their destination. All you need to do is notify us in advance about these items. Here’s a small list that could comprise of special stuff that need special care.

  • Medical Equipment: This tops the list of every kind of special items, partly because most of the medical products are so fragile that they simply could not be carried along with other household furniture. Their volatility and possible blend limitations might make them all the more dangerous for transporting with other normal household stuff. We will provide a separate vehicle, the carriage of which will be set under controlled conditions, to transport such fragile medical equipment.
  • Aquariums:These delicate glass instruments are classified by moving experts as highly breakable. You will need nothing less than a mirror box in order to pack an aquarium during transport, or at least enough bit of padding in a regular box. We provide both these kinds of packing services, just to ensure that your precious aquarium would sparklingly welcome anyone that knocks on your door.
  • Chandeliers:The word for the product itself is so delicate that you can simply imagine the frailty of the hanging light-giver. But you don’t need to worry about preserving the delicacy of the chandelier. We will keep the detachable parts of the products safely in a different box while protecting the main hanging with enough padding.
  • Architectural prototypes: We understand the hours that you would have spent in creating an architectural marvel for the benefit of your development company. We will ensure that not a single piece of cardboard or paper is misplaced during the move. We won’t deign to the wrap the design, but instead assign an employee or two to protect your years of dedicated work.
  • Plants and Trees: It takes quite a while to root a seed on a fertile lawn and admire an exotic plant or a rare tree grow out of it. Transporting such natural beings from one place to another may be quite a task for most other movers, but not for us. If you have an entire greenhouse worth of those plants and trees, we will create proper conditions within the carriage of the truck in order to accommodate those beauties and transport them safely to your destination.
  • Astronomical Equipment: The smallest of telescopes and the largest of reflectors need an equal degree of care during transportation. We understand your designs to change the world through observation of the cosmos, and finding habitable planets outside the system. You are as much involved in discovering a possible move of a majority of the human population on yet untrodden worlds as are the professionals in NASA. Or probably you simply find unmatchable joy in admiring the stars and galaxies up close? Regardless of your ambitions and passions, we will doubly ensure the protection of your astronomical equipment during the move.
  • Musical Instruments: Be it the Mozart-sized piano or the Slayer-kind death metal instruments, we will get them moved with zero damage to the electric or musical volitions down at your new house. You can start creating a new tune or judge the existing distortions while we transport and arrange your favorite guitar or bagpipe in your new home.
  • Firearms: Who doesn’t keep a couple or three firearms in their house for protection during these bad, bad days! While we would recommend that you carry your handguns and ammo in the holster with you, we won’t mind placing the entire gun safe inside the truck for the move.

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