There are countless moving supplies out there, so that you don’t need to scour every part of your basement for gathering a few. You would be better off purchasing boxes and padding materials beforehand, since new ones would provide better protection for your household products. You do not need to spend a lot of money on those either. Though the moving supplies available online and in the brick-and-mortar market are heavily priced, we will provide those with huge discounts. Thus, once you decide to collaborate with us, you do not need to worry about the prices of the supplies one bit. Here’s what we have to offer our valuable customers.

  • Bubble Wraps: These polyethylene wraps comprised of air bubbles are highly effective in protecting fragile medical and astronomical instruments. They render the perfect level of cushioning for those delicate products that even contain a liquid of a dangerous sort. We provide bubble wraps of various shapes and sizes, but regardless of the size, we will make them securely cushioned around your especially fragile equipment.
  • Packing Tapes: A packing tape is an equally useful material for moving purposes. Cartons and boxes can be easily wrapped with the help of these materials. If you are to avail of our services, we will wrap at least one tape around the flaps of the carton to keep them secure from popping open.
  • Blankets: Admittedly, moving blankets are not in as much use as other materials, but they are still known to provide sufficient protection against bumps or cracks on the road. You can wrap your chemistry equipment like test tubes and glass cylinders inside a moving blanket and they will remain intact during the entire transportation procedure.
  • Mattress Wraps: Your sleeping mattresses may get accumulated with dirt during the move. You don’t need to compromise their cleanliness with newspapers and other regular wraps. You can use a mattress cover that protects your soft and mushy mattresses from most of the elements. These special wraps will either hold the dirt or repel it away from the mattresses covered within them.
  • Stretch Wraps: These kind of wrapping materials are ideal for protecting large pieces of furniture. They ensure that the wooden material remain intact during the moving process. You can even wrap your computers or laptops with these plastic materials. However, we will provide additional packing material for wrapping IT equipment too, and it is highly recommended that you avail of those.
  • Packing Peanuts and Foams: Typically used for packing computers, laptops, disk drives, and other IT products. Extra padding is required for such digitally fragile items, and the peanuts and foams will get the work done. Peanuts are used for securing the edges and corners or any product in the box, and foams are used to protect the sides of the equipment.

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