Organizational procedures abound! That is what a moving checklist is all about – helping you to tackle your long or short distance moving issues in no time. Take a look at the same.

8 Weeks Left:

  • Be it a long distance move or a short distance one, you will have to start your moving arrangements at least two months before the actual moving day.
  • Start by browsing through the several reputed local and international movers over the internet. You do not need to directly settle for our services. Analyze the services and rates offered by other movers and shortlist the ones that best fit your requirements.
  • Conduct a thorough research of the area around your new neighborhood. Check the available convenience stores, doctors, banks, schools etc.

7 Weeks Left:

  • Start contacting the moving companies shortlisted, and gather quotes from each.
  • Collate all your important paperwork and place it in a binder or a folder.
  • While you don’t need to notify anyone about your address change yet, you will have to draw up a list of the various institutions and organizations where you need to send a notification.

6 Weeks Left:

  • Packing involves getting rid of the unwanted stuff as well. So, start your packing with a garage sale. Alternatively, you can also send your old clothes and crockery down to charitable institutions.
  • Send an application to the school asking for your child’s records and other important documents.

5 Weeks Left:

  • This is the time for finishing off the foods with an expiry date. So, if you have many such foodstuffs, then you can throw a party for all the foodies in your neighborhood.
  • Order moving supplies from the moving company that you hired, since you would probably get a good discount there. Additionally, Garden Grove will also send in employees at your place to help you with the packing.
  • Notify your closest family and friends about the date of your move.

4 Weeks Left:

  • Time to send official notices to all the institutions and organizations you are associated with about your change of address.
  • Manually change the address on all your online accounts as well.
  • Contact your boss requesting a couple of days off from work during the moving period.

3 Weeks Left:

  • Gather all your valuables and jewelry in one place. Your important bills and receipts should be kept under one folder.
  • Start packing all the general items if you haven’t already. The movers will take care of your furniture items and other bulky belongings.

2 Weeks Left:

  • Contact your medicine vendor and check whether or not you have refilled all your prescriptions.
  • Clean and defrost the refrigerator. Go through all the aforementioned points and ensure that you have carried out each of them down to a T.

1 Week Left:

  • Once you are done with the packing and wrapping, start with the cleaning process.
  • Dispose of all the flammable items present in your house.
  • Backup your electronic data and ensure that nothing important is left behind
  • Garden Grove employees will clean the entire house for you if need be.
  • Call and confirm the date and time of your move with the moving company. If you have hired us, we will proactively make the confirmation call during this period.

2 Days Left:

  • Take a bit of hard earned rest. Reminisce the most cheerful moments that you spent in your house.

The Moving Day:

  • Most reputed moving companies will take care of everything on this important day. You only need to manage the proceedings.

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