So, you have finally made a huge profit in your business, and you now wish to relocate to a better office in the fast-growing metropolis. Or have you experienced a bitter loss and are planning to recuperate your finances by letting go of your old premises for a suitable location in a remote part of the city? Whatever may be the reason for shifting your office, we are here to offer relevant and reasonable moving plans for you. Just let us know your requirements and we will take care of the rest.

Corporate Relocation Hurdles:

  • Delicate IT equipment like computers and laptops are a part of almost every corporate office in the country today. Your main concern while making an office move would be the integrity of your IT equipment.
  • Your secondary concern will be the timeframe. You simply cannot afford to halt your business for more than a couple of days. Your losses for a single day may amount to more than several thousand bucks.
  • Given the losses for one day, you simply cannot expect to lose your furniture either. Admittedly, you may have a hard time in fitting your old office furniture into the new one, so you might have to think of purchasing a whole new range of tables and chairs.
  • There might be several breakable materials apart from computers and laptops in your office. What about that antique piece of art that you purchased from the creator himself? You might not want to risk such unique pieces of paintings and effigies in the hands of paltry movers.
  • Huge machinery may be a part of your day to day lives, but moving the mammoth equipment would not be every movers’ cup of tea.
  • Also, you would have a boatload of important and files and records that you would not wish to go amiss during transport.
  • Additionally, there are those gargantuan data backup drives, the memory of which might get erased over a single bump in the road.

But how much can you carry in your vehicle, even if it’s an SUV. You may call upon your friends and relatives to handle these materials at the back of your car. Your folks may be careful enough to take care of your files and backup instruments, but are they efficient enough? That is where experienced people like us come into the picture.

Overcoming the Hurdles:

  • You might find it hard to believe, but we have undertaken so many corporate relocation opportunities that we have the management techniques at the back of our hands. After all, inimitable skill and extensive experience are all that matter in this trade. And we have both these things.
  • Our adept employees will pack and wrap your computers, backup drives, and valuable antiques with extra care. You don’t need to fish the storage area for appropriate boxes. We will provide all sizes of cartons for the purpose.
  • We are extra efficient at providing sufficient padding to IT equipment. Your computers, laptops, drivers, CDs, and other virtual storage equipment will be appropriately padded from all six sides.
  • We will add extra padding around the circumference of your antiques, just to ensure that they don’t get damaged during the transport.
  • Your furniture will be deftly taken care of. We will dismantle the huge parts in a jiffy, and pack them appropriately to fit them within the carriage.
  • Machinery, no matter how big or small, will always find a place in our trucks. The extra-large equipment will be driven by our pulley vehicles.
  • Your files and folders will be securely locked in a special trunk in order to prevent them from damage. We will even protect the insides of the trunk against excessive humidity in case of a long drive. If you are one of those elite offices who provide a library for your employees, we will secure your numerous books as well.
  • Since you will already be losing a lot of money from your business during the move, we will provide the most competitive rates that you would never find with other movers.
  • Loading and unloading is standard procedure for us, hence we won’t charge you extra for that purpose. If you need help with arranging your furniture and other equipment in the new office, our employees will be up for that as well.

We boast a history of moving the most reputed organizations down to the smallest of corporate centers safely at the desired destination. Our experience in the field is unparalleled, and our assurance, unbeatable.

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